Comment on Ron Paul for 2008

aaron kinney Fri, Aug 24, 2007

How funny (and appropriate) that you should show that clip. On the Ron Paul blog they actually linked to this SAME clip and, referring to Paul's recent appearance on The Daily Show and this subsequent clip, remarked "apparently, we made an impression."


But to be serious for a moment, TDS makes an excellent and very relevant point in this admittedly comedic clip: That the US has blood on its own hands for the arming of so many Middle Eastern countries over the past 5 decades, and it needs to stop. Israel, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Who the hell HAVENT we sold weapons to, and what good did it get us? And I wont accept the Christian's claim of protecting the "chosen people" in Israel by giving them free Apaches and F-16s.

Perhaps you read the recent article in where the US is destroying its old inventory of F-14s (the jet featured in the movie Top Gun) in order to prevent any of the spare parts ending up in Iran. And the REASON that the US government is doing that is because Iran has a couple squadrons worth of old F-14 fighters that we SOLD to them at a pittance before their 1979 revolution. Fortunately, Iran's F-14s cant fly because they need spare parts, and that of course is why we are shredding our F-14s instead of retiring them normally, selling them or donating them to museums. What a waste, and all due to this "america to the rescue" tomfoolery.

The lesson here obviously is to sell peaceful things to other countries, and not weapon systems.

And what do you think the current 2008 presidential contender line up thinks about this situation? Well, from Hillary to Obama to McCain to Romney to Giuliani, they ALL want to continue giving Israel free weapons, as well as sell weapon systems to other countries in some degree or another.

All of them, that is, except for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who advocates a foreign policy of:

1) Free trade with other nations
2) Peace-oriented diplomacy
3) Immediate withdraw from Iraq
4) No aggressive rhetoric or military power projecting
5) No more protection alliances with, or US military bases in, other countries
6) No weapons sales to other countries

Not even Hillary or Obama have such a consistent, principled, and well thought out foreign policy agenda. Not even close!

Ron Paul is more dedicated to world peace, world prosperity, and world freedom than any other candidate, by a long shot! Ron Paul transcends left/right party labels. He out-conserves the conservatives, and out-liberals the liberals. On various blogs and forums, we have seen numerous Independents, Democrats, and Republicans (current and former), who have jumped into the Ron Paul movement. These diverse Ron Paul supporters are all working together for a common goal that is bigger than any single political party: mutual desire for peace, freedom, prosperity, and the restoring of our nation's dignity in the eyes of the international community.