Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

aaron kinney Tue, Nov 27, 2007
Good point all around, ObviouslySubtle. And anarchy itself really is like wiping a slate clean in preperation for moving past the old and creating the new.

A place like SpaceCollective is a perfect example. That is because SpaceCollective is a purely voluntary collection of individuals, who trade ideas in their own information marketplace. SpaceCollective is like a forum where these ideas can take hold, be shared and improved upon, and acted upon.

To move beyond a given social order, you need a framework or a base of reference from which to construct your new society. A free marketplace of ideas is the perfect format for pursuing these goals.

A rose by any other name would sound just as sweet. Call it what you will, but SpaceCollective is a great example of that clean slate that has all the old wiped away, and all the new being written across its surface.

Regarding the word post, it is also a word describing what is not. So if there were to be a positive-based phrase to describe this new system, what would it be? I believe that we are all looking for these new words; these positive ways to identiffy what we are about.