Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

alborz Thu, Nov 29, 2007
A rose by any other name would sound just as sweet.

I'm inclined to agree with Aaron there. If SpaceCollective has certain qualities that resemble anarchism (which as I understand and Aaron describes, it does), it's fair to say it's anarchistic.

But I think the reason for the reluctance to flat-out call it anarchist is the reluctance to call it anything. Because once you label something, you instantly limit all that it can be. Yes, post-ideological may not be a completely adequate way of describing SpaceCollective (you can argue that it is ideological), but that's only to the extent that words don't seem to be the perfect way of describing the world around us anyway. For now we'll have to agree on post-ideological and run with it.

That being said, I think it's perfectly ok to adopt any useful idea out there regardless of what it's called. In other words, SpaceCollective, being post-ideological, is able to use the ideals of anarchy without having to call itself anarchist.