Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

aaron kinney Sat, Dec 1, 2007
RE: cupcakewizard,

Thank you for the support! Im glad you find it stimulating. Whether or not one agrees with me isnt a big deal of course, but whats important is whether or not I get your brain thinkin ;)

RE al,

Thank you, for your support too.

I should note that this post was meant to describe SpaceCollective's relationship to anarchy in a functional way. The word anarchy, like it or not, does have a certain history and it does invoke certain opinions and associations in peoples heads.

Should SpaceCollective associate itself with the word anarchy, or should fellow SpaceCollective members consider themselves anarchist? Not necessarily. Whats important here is that my readers understand the concepts, not adopt the labels.

There are all kinds of words, positively descriptive ones, that can be used to identify a post-political, consensual-based, free society. Some other words I like are voluntarism, open-source-society, consent-based society, open market, lassiez-faire, decentralization, etc.