Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

aaron kinney Wed, Dec 26, 2007
Re: Michael Garrett

Who would decide the meaning of terms and where would the authority to do so come from?

Individuals themselves. If I say "no" to your sexual advances, for example, then you better not fuck me. And I, or a representative whom I designate, would have the sole "authority" to lay claim to whether or not an interaction I took part in was consensual or not.

For example just the phrase "that would be sanctioned" implies to me there is an authority that one needs to receive the favor of to be considered "as legitimate".

Sure, and YOU are your own authority! Self-reference can sometimes be a confusing thought I know, and to be sure, most people today are used to the idea of automatically having an external authority to determine such things, but the fact of the matter is that you are your own prime authority, and nobody else.

I hope that helps!