Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

Michael Garrett Thu, Dec 27, 2007
Re: Aaron

Individuals themselves. If I say "no" to your sexual advances, for example, then you better not fuck me. And I, or a representative whom I designate, would have the sole "authority" to lay claim to whether or not an interaction I took part in was consensual or not.

Sorry, but I am not clear on the representative you designate as having sole authority to lay claim to what? So your designated rep has sole "authority". You and you alone dictate sole authority! Wait a minute , please! Let us take your scenario, a rather severe example but OK, what then is my punishment and who would administer it? Also, let's say I have my own representative, for example, and he/ she disagrees with your representative concerning the consensual nature or not. Where does that leave us? Am I then a rapist or are you liar and a spurned lover?

you are your own prime authority, and nobody else.

I heartily agree with you there, how could I not, but you seem to be relying on sharing your space with reasonable and rational human beings. I know, no matter how much I wish it were true, this is not the case.