Comment on Space Collective and Anarchy: A Perfect Match

josh Tue, Nov 27, 2007
interesting post aaron. i find myself more in line with counterform's point of view than yours. while i understand your goals are similar to mine, i agree with much of what counterform says regarding both the negativity and baggage with such words as anarchy.

while there was once a time when anarchy did not have the connotations of chaos and disorder that they do now, there was also once a time when fagot meant a bundle of twigs. these words are so engrained in the vernacular, it is nearly impossible to separate them from their current meaning - wrong or not.

regarding the purpose of this website in the larger picture, counterform also nailed it with
Like Buckminster Fuller has eloquently said, 'Don't fight the system. Rather, create a new one'.

this is exactly what we are attempting to do here. we are not fighting the system. we are "post" the system. we are moving on to create a new one. one with an open discussion and lines of dialogue (much like this) on how to better it for the future.