Comment on Digital Art Revolution

abhominal Wed, Feb 4, 2009
I'm not totally sure what to think about 3d cinema though. People have been claiming that this technology will become popular for many many years.

Yes that is my point, I think 2009 will be remembered like the year that Toy Story was released.

Interestingly Toy Story was released 14 years ago, and Pixar are now releasing their first '3D' movie called Bolt. Which to be honest will probably set the bench mark for a couple of years to come.

The Hollywood studios (joint efforts) are throwing everything into it as they see it as the future of the cinema experience, and the only way to get dwindling bums back on seats.

I think TV will present a much bigger struggle for take up, especially as there will be format wars, as we have seen so often between electronics manufacturers.

Check out autostereoscopic screens, which do not need glasses. Cinemas are stuck with Polarised glasses for the moment, but these offer a significantly imprroved viewing experienced compared to previous attempts at 3D cinema.