Comment on Digital Art Revolution

abhominal Wed, Mar 4, 2009
@ nom the puppet

Yes a lot of movies are coming out this year, I am looking forward to Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland - I am not a huge fan of his past work to be honest, but I think that 3D cinema will be such an incredible medium for him and his films. Plus Alice is one of my all time favourite books!

@ yaschik

Interesting point of 3D being a direct continuation of Renaissance pursuits! Ofcourse, they were trying to emulate what the classical greek and roman sculptors had perfected thousands of years before - the representation of human form in 3D, and complex architectural spaces.

This is why I reckon that 3D will be a big step in digital art in the coming years. It is a recurring theme in every medium - sculpture, painting, photography and film. Writers such as William Gibson have been trying to visualise how humans will interact with the virtual for quite some time.