Comment on lnnrrvcbre

eyeclipse Thu, Dec 20, 2007
Interesting project...
I'm happy to be here and sorry for my english -_-

Everyday I see how people try to adapt their space to their capacities or knowledge; it's a fascinating process of acts with and awesome human calm. In fact, I think that this human feature moves us.

Like our knowledge of all our world or space grows, grows and mature our human being, and the capacities of this make rethink a lot of things. When you "think" about "rethink", usually "transform" is a more productive way :)
Because, this way will test you thinking new solutions, and always, you will have to taste (with little bites) the huge "rethink" concept.

Otherwise, a dictionary or a guide will be an interesting way to explore and test. Better a guide of the galaxy (I’m not joking ;)

Again, sorry for my english, but I'm not thinking of lose the chance to participate in this collective :)