Comment on lnnrrvcbre

alborz Wed, Jun 6, 2007
"Exhausted." That is a great one.

Yeah - that's a good question Superfamous. I think probably both. Like you said the traditional definition of "exhausted" is still useful, so we'll add Megan's onto it as a second definition. Same with "concrescence." (Photosynth technology concresces the power of the Internet as a collective medium. Yeah?) If we feel like some words should completely be done away with or redefined, we can completely ignore the old definition or list it as an "archaic" usage.

1. anything that strongly defines or shapes one's beliefs regarding any or all things. As a guitarist, Jimi Hendrix was his religion.
2. an ancient form of human government with constructed superhuman agent(s) as the arbitrator(s) of human laws and morals
3. Archaic. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe usually as defined by superhuman agent(s)

And we can always create completely new words. Once the project pages are up, we can probably start by discussing some of the words we already have up.