Comment on The Human Condition in the future

AsylumSeaker Wed, Mar 31, 2010
The way I see it, we'll probably have stopped seeing things in terms of 'species' by then.

In a holistic approach towards the biosphere it makes sense to think of it as a 'gene swarm' in which a variety of linguistic possibilities (gene combinations) express themselves temporarily depending on the circumstances. You can call those expressions lifeforms, and you can group those lifeforms on a horizontal scale and call those groups species, but once you add the vertical scale of time there's not really any way to make that grouping.. The species analogy is only really useful for describing genetic divisions between organisms at a given point in time. Take all the individual lifeforms which have ever existed and place them all in one spot and you won't so easily be able to draw a line between one species and the next..

Technological and social evolution has such a different set of rules that I don't think the old biological terms are very useful any more.

I agree with you on a fundamental level though.. In fact I think we've already passed the point where different humans can be considered members of different species. For example, the behaviour of a tibetan monk is vastly different to the behaviour of a wall street stockbroker, probably more different than that of two genetically divided species of non human primates. This will come into a radical focus once it crystalises in the form of physical augmentation, but fact is we've been augmenting our minds on an individual scale for millenia.

But different 'species'? I don't see how the term is relevant.