Comment on The Human Condition in the future

michaelerule Fri, Apr 16, 2010
The first people to be genetically modified will be the sick and the dying. Experimental treatments for genetic disorders are already underway. Society does not seem to object to modification for purposes of correction : ritalin if you have ADD, false legs if yours have gone missing, genetic modification if you can't make a critical enzyme. It is unclear if society can integrate the concept of "enhancement".

One genetic modification that I think would actually be useful to soldiers would be inserting additional photopsins for extending the spectral range of vision.

Furthermore, and as always, rights to reproduction and rights to self-determination conflict. Perhaps it is your right to insert a trait into your genome, but are you at the same time infringing on the rights of self-determination by imposing these traits on offspring ? This is the hardware version of a very old problem : you would retain the rights to indoctrinate your children, as much as is possible, with your philosophies, but would want to prevent similar indoctrination of others with [insert radical militant philosophy you happen to dislike].