Comment on The Human Condition in the future

sonicport+techfolder Fri, Apr 30, 2010
Erm maybe if people froze their sperm and eggs before gene treatment they wouldn't pass on their experiments, not that hard to save a backup. They'd probably have to be neutered too though, a life choice we make for many of our pets. I'd be very afraid if beings were immortal but kept on breeding, growing and taking up space. How many versions of disaster could we create? Or perhaps intelligence will evolve to live in pods in the sea, the size of plankton, shrinking constantly.

Anyway, that's not my intended point. It is that as we move towards a philosophy where the building blocks of life eradicate the need for any so called biological classifications we are actually once again expanding on a state of minimalism based on neo-avoidance of pre conceived threshold boundaries in our quest for newness. If this even makes any sense, it won't cause potential growth.

I thought it was about time our architecture had a renaissance period and aimed at developing complexity on purpose, revealing the many creative ethical possibilities. But we're in danger of crating some pretty big mistakes. Wouldn't it be better to empower animals to our levels of technology before separating ourselves further? Does a whale need to evolve to escape our pollution levels?

If homo sapiens become extinct it'll not be through choice that's for sure. My mum had to teach a 7 year old to read who was a technophobe and no-one's going to wipe him out.