Comment on The Spontaneous Creation of New Information

Infinitas Fri, Nov 19, 2010
Very interesting interview. Personal experience has led me to think of psychedelics and resonating waves in a very similar way.
Evolution has built in many fail-safes and redundancies to keep the brain from accidentally going higher dimensional, and when we subvert these mechanisms to make consciousness higher dimensional we simultaneously become disoriented and behaviorally inept.

I'd like to hear what Kent has to say about the state of consciousness while sleeping/dreaming, especially in regards to lucid dreaming when we are definitively aware that we are in fact dreaming and can will the "future" of our dreams. Are we going "higher dimensional" when we dream? And when we lucid dream, we are anything but disoriented and behaviorally inept, albeit we are in a non-physical world. Also, what about shamans who do go inter-dimensional and claim to interact with past ancestors and other spirits? Are they inept as well?