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    ET2 Architecture?
    This research studio will focus on architectural horizon and ground in a new way; from the perspective of what was called the big blue marble in...
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    From aumber's personal cargo

    Sir Richard Branson
    Project: ET2 Architecture?

    Sir Richard Branson
    owns the Virgin Empire, with annual revenue of $25 Billion / year with 55,000 employees. He states his drive as a "love [for] learning," and he is "incredibly inquisitive." During this TED conference talk, he says be believes that "If you can run one company, you can run any company." (This was also posted early on if you did not see it)

    Branson left school at 15 years old. Dislexia was only one of his challenges in school.

    He also has an explorer spirit, having tried Ballooning and Boating. He has been pulled from the sea 6 times by helicopter. He attempted crossing the Atlantic in a balloon as well as receiving the Blue Riband award for crossing the Atlantic in record time in 1986.

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