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    Shifting and Evolving
    b10’s project
    Emergence and Navigating...
    Develop a generative, emergent process to fill space (2D or 3D) using only black lines. Modify a known process or invent your own. Implement your...
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    From b10's personal cargo

    Cellular Automata 2
    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space
    When first confronted with John Horton Conway's wonderful Game of Life, it seems incredibly complex (the blue and yellow example below is just a magnified bit, lots of these critters start to do very cool things) Each group of pixels appears to move as if programmed in a specific way. But the rules for each generation are exceedingly simple. " A lit point turns off if there are fewer than two or more than three surrounding lit points. An unlit point turns on if there are exactly three lit neighbors." That's it.

    I found this on Google, I didn't make it. Its from the Onderstekop site

    I have been experimenting with different ways of visualizing this phenomena. I have changed the rules for generation, but so far haven't found anything more interesting than the original rule-set. This animation is the result of a random scattering of pixels across the frame coming alive after the rules of Conway's game are applied. As each generation evolves, the values gradually shift from black to white and back again, and the alpha (transparency) is also assigned. This allows for a dynamic and interesting palette of grays to develop.

    Made with Processing

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    jonobr1     Tue, Jan 29, 2008  Permanent link
    Lookin' spiffy, nice use of the get function!