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    Navigating Through...
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    Emergence and Navigating...
    Develop a generative, emergent process to fill space (2D or 3D) using only black lines. Modify a known process or invent your own. Implement your...
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    Exercise 1

    This is a work by Gordon Terry called "Superconsciousness". The noteworthy quality of this piece aside from its visual elegance is the medium which Terry uses, acrylic. It's acrylic paint on an acrylic panel. Using the properties of acrylic only does he create these cellular and organic designs which look natural, but are done with natural means. By allowing the pools of paint to dry temporarily, the acrylic paint then exhibits a semifluid behavior which enables Terry to tip the acrylic panel to have the paints flow into the shapes he wants. Though obviously such a work took considerable skill, the steps he takes to shape the work are simple.

    Agency GP is a program developed by MIT that creates varying structures of space. This program is designed for architects who are planning and conceptualizing new and innovative spatial designs. I find the practicality of this program (which can be downloaded for MAYA) is another expression of the use of software to increase the possibilities of what human can conceive.

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