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    benchang’s project
    Emergence and Navigating...
    Develop a generative, emergent process to fill space (2D or 3D) using only black lines. Modify a known process or invent your own. Implement your...
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    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space

    The concept utilizes the boids flocking system, and explores the relationship between each of the boids. Though the movement of the boids flock will still be governed by cohesion, adhesion, and separation, there will be additional factors used to visually explore the relationship of swarming groups further. The first image involves a "personal space" given to each of the boids as denoted by the spheres. Though, the image does not show all of the boids having this "personal space" due to aesthetic reasons, the program will involve ALL of the boids having it.

    Next, when these boids fly together, naturally their "personal spaces" will intersect. When the intersection happens, a line will be drawn between them. Not only will the line signify the position of the individual boid during a given time, but will also map the relationship of these positions over time. Unlike the image there will be more than two boids, so with many intersecting "personal spaces" when the boids flock together, there will be many such relationship pathways which may give way to interesting emergent patterns.

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