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    Project: The Voyager update project

    (From Wikipedia)

    “A message in its most general meaning is an object of communication. It is something that provides information; it can also be this information itself. Therefore, its meaning is dependent upon the context in which it is used; the term may apply to both the information and its form.”


    It could act similarly to Carbon Dating and act as a measure to “date” the Earth. It could help to leave a marking and information about the human species in case a disaster happens and the Earth is destroyed.

    It would provide comfort to the human inhabitants of the Earth, similar to a security blanket. They know that their “legacy” will be remembered.

    It could be used to clarify the jumble of information already circulating Earth (such as random radio waves, messages, etc). This would help to provide a clearer source of information about the Earth and its inhabitants.

    If the “intelligent life form” indeed follows our beacon and finds Earth they will have the means to understand that we are a society of intelligent life and it may help determine whether or not they should try to contact us.


    It may be hard to update, especially depending on what form it takes

    How can such a message be encapsulated? Do we even have the technology to do this?

    The “intelligent life form” may be dangerous and by providing them with information we will basically be exposing ourselves to providing them with knowledge that may potentially hurt us.

    Specifics? How can we communicate with an unknown? What means could we use besides verbal communication?

    We do not know our audience

    There are already a lot of messages out in Space from Earth. Do we really want to clutter space with more “potentially useless” information?

    If we decide to use a physical means to encapsulate the information we could join in adding to the space “junk” that is already out there and it may collide with other things out in orbit.

    Boron Nanotubes

    Satellite location around the Earth

    Solar wind from the Sun

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