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    Discussion: Zeitgeist - The Movies
    I figured this was a good idea. So, does anyone who has seen it actually want to discuss it?

    Official Website

    You can also torrent the DVD (legally, as the movie is free for distribution), but I'm not going to provide that link unless you ask. I don't really feel like looking it up right now. You can also buy the DVD from the site above for $5.00 + shipping.

    Sequel - Oct 2008 Zeitgeist - Addendum
    Sequel - Oct 2010 Zeitgeist III

    Wed, Apr 30, 2008  Permanent link
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    Autotelic     Thu, Jan 13, 2011  Permanent link
    anyone hear that Arizona shooter's jared laughner friend say the zeitgeist movie is to blame for the killing spree, here is an email response i recieved today from The Zeitgeist Movement's founder

    "PUBLIC STATEMENT FROM THE CREATOR OF THE “ZEITGEIST FILM SERIES”, PETERJOSEPH: RE: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ASSOCIATION CREATED BETWEEN “ZEITGEIST” ANDTHE TUCSON MURDERS. It has come to my attention that various mainstream news organizations arebeginning to run an association between my 2007 performance piece/film,“Zeitgeist: The Movie” and the tragic murders conducted by an extremelytroubled young man in Tucson, Arizona. They are also slowly beginning tobleed the obvious line between my 2007 documentary work, my film series asa whole and The Zeitgeist Movement, which I am the founder. Frankly, I findthis isolating, growing association tremendously irresponsible on the partof ABC, NBC and their affiliates - further reflecting the disingenuousnature of the America Media Establishment today.
    It appears to have begun with a comment on NBC news referencing my filmalong with other “influential” films as well, such as Richard Kelly'sfilm “Donnie Darko” and then spreading to ABC News where it singled out"Zeitgeist: The Movie" and the Series itself, stating:
    “Osler pointed to an online documentary series called "Zeitgeist" as apossible influence on the man.The series rails on currency-based economics."I really think that this 'Zeitgeist' documentary had a profound impact onJared's mindset and how he viewed that world that he lives in," Oslersaid.”
    When we reflect on the history of seemingly random violence or other formsof highly offensive, irrational, aberrant behavior, we see a common patternof reaction from the public and media in their attempt to explain suchextreme acts. Rather than deeply examining the Bio-Psycho-Social nature ofhuman social development and the vast spectrum of influences that createand morph each of us in unique and sometimes detrimental ways, they takethe easy way out. The first thing they do is simply ignore all modernscientific, social understandings of what generates human motivation inboth positive and negative regard, for to do so can only call into questionthe social system itself and hence the “zeitgeist” (meaning:spirit/intellectual climate of the time/culture) at large.
    Generally speaking, it is historically accurate to say that the MainstreamMedia simply isn't in the business of challenging the Status Quo. Thelimits of debate are firmly set. Virtually all ideas, persons or groups whohave succeeded in changing the world for the better, later to be hailed asheros in the public mind, started out being condemned by those in theMainstream Media who latch on to the dominant world view of the time. EvenMartin Luther King Jr., a peaceful, loving, wonder of a man who contributedmore to our social progress than likely any humanitarian in the US history,was followed by the CIA and publicly humiliated as a “Communist” whichhe even had to defend in front of a Congressional Committee. In fact, youcan rest assured that if King were alive in the current paradigm today andseeking an equal form of justice - he would be given the name:“Terrorist”.
    So, again, rather than taking the scientific view, the Mainstream Mediaoften seeks out or implies one point of blame and runs with it. After all,it is much easier, presentable and more simplistic for the public to thinkthat the troubling reality of seemingly random acts of mass murder is theresult of a “singular influence” and hence the logic goes that if thatone influence is removed, then the world will be back in balance. Thisgives the public a false resolve and position of focus in an otherwiseambiguous, complex world of social and biological influences. And as far asthe scapegoat itself, very often any group, media or dataset that iscounter-culture or even hints at wishing to challenge the status quo, is amagnet for such blame.
    For example, musical groups of a counter-culture nature have been afavorite scapegoat for acts of murder/violence historically. In 1990, therock band Judas Priest was actually taken to court for their “role” inthe self-inflicted gunshot wounds in 1985 of 20-year old James Vance and18-year old Raymond Belknap in Reno, Nevada. In 2008, the band Slipknot waspublicly tied/blamed to a high-school murder in South Africa. Even theBeatles song “Helter-skelter” was associated to the murders incited byCharles Manson. It goes on and on... and, frankly, it's simply pathetic -avoiding the true nature of the problem - which is the Socio-EconomicEnvironment itself.
    Make no mistake: The Social System is to blame for the rampage of JaredLoughner – not some famous online documentary which is known as the mostviewed documentary of all time in internet history. Are the other 200million people who have seen the film also preparing for murder sprees? Ithink not. In my new film: "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward", I feature a prominent HarvardCriminal Psychologist by the name of Dr. James Gilligan who headed theCentre for the Study of Violence at Harvard Medical School for many years.In his life work of personally engaging the most dangerous, violentoffenders the US system produces, he found some basic trends. The mostcommon is the social issue of “shame”. Our socio-economic systeminherently breeds social division and there is a natural demeaning ofothers generated as a result. It is a scientific fact that mass murderersand those who many just dismiss as “evil” today, are the product ofyears of being shamed, humiliated and demeaned. Their acts of violence is areaction from these highly oppressive feelings and the real resolve to suchacts can only come from removing the real source of such emotional hurt.You will notice that most other countries don't come close to the level ofviolence we see in the United States. The US is the capital of violencewith 30-300 times more acts of violence than any other country. We haveproduced more serial killers in America than all other countries combined.Why? You will notice the Mainstream never asks this question.
    If anyone would like to understand why more and more people in the modernworld end up like Jared Loughner and why these patterns are only going toget worse as time goes on in this system, I suggest the book “Violence”by Harvard Criminal Psychologist Dr. Gilligan.
    In conclusion, let it be stated that the Zeitgeist Film Series is aboutcritical thought regarding various social issues which challenge manyerroneous notions held as fact in the modern culture. It also explicitlypromotes non-violence, human unity and prosperous human development basedon truth and science.
    Anyone who wishes to really understand the works can view them for freeonline at and my new film, which will detail how a new,humane social system can work, will be in 315 theaters in 60 countries andin 30 languages starting Jan 15th 2011.
    I am also in contact with my legal team and considering legal actionagainst ABC.
    -Peter Joseph
    Infinitas     Fri, Jan 14, 2011  Permanent link
    Just yesterday I read that MSM had connected Laughner and the Zeitgeist Movie. I wasn't surprised, but I sure was appalled. Many US politicians seems to desire to use such acts of violence, especially ones that may have been inspired by various forms of art and culture, as a reason to further prevent people from exercising their first amendment rights. And the MSM is on board with it. Convince people of the evils of the anti-status quo and drive them into submission with fear. Looks like Minority Report is coming true.

    I'd bet Space Collective is on the terrorist watch list.

    But about Zeitgeist... I see it as a movie, and an attempt from the author, to help people realize that much of our society is drive by lies and deception. At the very least it helps someone learn to think in a different way or provide them the thought that there are different ways to see ourselves and one another in the world around us. I don't necessarily believe all of the info presented, but I also don't think that that's the point.
    libby     Sun, Jan 16, 2011  Permanent link
    I believe any finger pointed towards zeitgeist and its makers is just an attempt to deflect attention from the actual reasons as well as an attempt to discredit them, just like any person or group who dares to stand up against the draconian ruling elite.
    weather     Tue, Jan 18, 2011  Permanent link
    Well yeah, same tactics used against assange and wikileaks.

    The movies provide an interested philosophy and emphasize the urgency of a paradigm shift. I don't think all the information is totally accurate but the message is relevant.

    giulio     Wed, Feb 2, 2011  Permanent link
    I liked all 3 movies. I do not agree with everything, but I agree with much.

    The main thread of Zeitgeist confirms what I have been thinking for years: that our economic system is a giant self-perpetuating Ponzi scheme and may collapse when the shit really hits the fan.

    I love Jaque Fresco's ideas and I would love living in a resource based economy, but I think the actual proposals in Z3 - Moving Forward may be a bit naive. It is true that money is not the main motivator and doing useful work is a reward in itself, but it is also true that many people are ready to do almost anything for money and power. This may be due to cultural conditioning, but it is a fact.

    A workable system has built-in homeostatic defenses against those who try to cheat it, and there are always cheaters.

    So, I think Zeitgeist is utopian, but there is nothing wrong with that. All worth endeavors begin with a dream.
    superconcepts     Wed, Feb 2, 2011  Permanent link
    I think the movies and the Venus Project gets the PROBLEMS spot on. But the solution has some issues. I'm not going to go into them all because I agree with the most of it, but I am struggling to get my head around resource allocation. For example, why build the best table ever when the resources might be better used in something else? it's a difficult topic and one I will have to explore in a future post.

    But anyway, this new film was excellent, I can't find much wrong with it at all although it is missing some of the spiritual stuff Addendum had.

    I know people have their issues with it all, and I'm happy to discuss them face to face cos internet arguments are not so effective and there are plenty of people who will do that anyway. I just hope people don't write the ideas off because of the 9/11 stuff, NWO rumours, stupid accusations about corrupting kids' minds, or how it is Utopian or communist. THIS IS BIGGER THAN ZEITGEIST, take notice or you will just remain part of the problem.