Comment on Talk to Strangers

gamma Fri, Nov 6, 2009
I got interested in testing this in 3 minutes, and here's the transcript. Yes it is completely irrelevant, but there you go.

You: hi
Stranger: heyy
Stranger: how are u
You: i am looking for evidence you are not artificial intelligence
Stranger: :D
Stranger: why
You: this web site will get a better mark when I mention it on my blog
You: if you are real then bravo
Stranger: yes
Stranger: im real =))
Stranger: asl?
You: oops, not familiar with "asl"
Stranger: age
Stranger: sex location :D
Stranger: for example
Stranger: 21 male
Stranger: italy
Stranger: heeyy philosopher
Stranger: are u there:D
You: would you disconnect without this data?
Stranger: no
Stranger: its naot important
Stranger: for me
Stranger: just wonder
You: I heard it was a typical question and I wanted to check.
Stranger: all right
Stranger: can i other question =)
You: yes
Stranger: this world loves
Stranger: u?
You: unfortunately I am not sure...
Stranger: do u love live?
Stranger: life?
You: yes, but Swine Flu is really not a problem if you worry.
Stranger: im scar
Stranger: swime flu
You: i must go. thanks for the brief conversation.
Stranger: okk see u
You: bye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.