Comment on Talk to Strangers

Schmuck Tue, Nov 24, 2009
Hello everyone, I am Schmuck, i had a conversation with notthisbody through Omegle, and that is how i came to find this site.

The fact that i owe my discovery of SpaceCollective to a service such as omegle is a testament to how far technology is bringing us. That, through a site with a fairly simple concept, I can meet and talk to a complete stranger and that we can share such powerful ideas is something quite significant and profound.

While often appearing novel, and frequently appearing shallow, omegle cannot be defined as a site through peoples experiences on it, as they are simply experiences with other people. Like most technology, omegle is something of significant power, that can be used to a good end or to a bad end. So while it may strike some as nothing but a joke, it has in fact caused me to find out about this place which i would not have discovered otherwise through someone who not even 20 minutes prior, had no association to me whatsoever.