Comment on Shape vs. Color

pacocamino Mon, Jan 7, 2008
I think color has a deeper perhaps more visceral effect on the brain than shape or context. The pairing of Red and Yellow in brands is ubiquitous, but could it stem from an evolutionary trait that causes humans to react or become more alert to these colors? Color symbology (context) has often conflicting meanings associated with the same color, so I don't think it offers a good explanation on the pulse quickening effect certain colors have on the brain.

Plus we have all seen the many examples of color acting as stimuli (sex and danger) in the animal kingdom.

I once lived in a loft that had a fairly large bedroom (20 ft ceiling) without any windows. I painted the bedroom a deep red. After a week of nightmarish dreams, I felt like the color I chose was throwing my inner psyche into turmoil. I repainted the room with a neutral color and slept like a baby from that point forward.