Comment on Shape vs. Color

sjef Thu, Jan 17, 2008
I think the difference between those two apparently conflicting viewpoints can be reconciled by allowing for a gradiation of size and detail in shape. As Angela uses the phrase 'shape or wording' this could imply that she is referring to shape in detail.
For example if you see a paragraph of text, you will notice its color before you distiguish between the shapes of the distinct letterforms, however if you are about to be hit by a truck, I'm pretty sure you will notice there is a big ass shape heading towards you before you register what color it is.

Looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint, it would be likely that whatever form of detail (being shape/movement/color) brings the most advantage against competitors would be the one to develop first, and you could probably make a fair guess that the earliest evolved properties are the ones that take precedence now. I'm no biologist so that is pure speculation on my part of course.