Comment on Shape vs. Color

Robokku Fri, Jan 18, 2008
When I first saw the post, it was a map of the UK in blue, and Ireland, naturally, in green. Then that must be South America to the west - it's hotter there, hence red. and in the east... sort of Japan? Maybe it's not a map after all.

Whatever my brain was doing, it's amazing how much I ignored while I built this stupid hypothesis about what I was looking at. I suppose the key question for designers must be about attention rather than raw neural processing.

Both of the quotes are about the activity of the brain, not the attention of the mind. They'll be related, but I don't think you need to dig as deep as neurology to hit something useful. The distinction between active and passive attention (was it William James'?) would suggest that the designer's stuck at the passive end, but you can have an effect from there.

A decent overview (first hit)