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Theosophy and the Human Dino
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    I do not like the thoughts that occurred to me in April, 1995. I have worked since that time to find a way to discuss the idea about a higher kingdom. Fifteen years of being banned from chat groups, called crazy, and mostly ignored have even now not resulted in exposure.

    I learned about a seven race theory of evolution at The Theosophical Society. I also studied at The Saint Germain Foundation, reading and listening intently to their ideas. After 20 years of study, it now becomes clear to me, as a scientist and a mother, that when we experiment with religion, we invite a higher kingdom to live in us.

    The higher kingdom is a stage above what humans are at - or in other terms, 7 rounds of 7 planets beyond the human, just as we are 7 rounds of 7 planets beyond the animal kingdom. As we ascended an animal kingdom and the angels that made their environments, so now this girasas kingdom has begun to ascend the human kingdom and our environment of angels.

    This creates a dichotomy in us which will only magnify as time proceeds. As a fifth race human (the entire earth at this time is 5th race), we only have moments of insight when the girasas influence us. When the sixth race human has its inception, the two kingdoms will live more fully in one body. It's going to take a ton of love for that.

    There is a dichotomy in what we think of as animals also. There are e. animals (evolving animals) that descend through a plant kingdom and ascend when humans present themselves. They ascend to the point of leaving the earth entirely. What is left behind when they leave is the human kingdom and all of our accompanying i. animals (involving animals). Involving lives progress in the reverse direction to evolution. Angels grow by obedience and evolving kingdoms grow by free will.

    In order to participate more fully in the life of this kingdom, we make adjustments to our lifestyle. We become vegetarian and learn other purifying techniques. We think deeply upon subjects that are dear to this kingdom. We allow them to enter us and use us as they see fit. If we awaken to them within us, we will feel ashamed that we thought it was our love and will that was creating the conditions in our life. We will feel backlash as we settle into a distinctly different role than that of the spirit. We will find ourselves small and incapable, weak and ignorant, and only by this kingdom's intervention do we continue to correct our impulses.

    They have only begun their descent rather recently. Prior to the arrival (or creation) of this higher kingdom, which I have named girasas, humans were for a time alone - the only kingdom living on earth. Prior to that event, we shared earth in 3 stages with the animal kingdom. Each time we progressed from 1st race to 2nd race and to 3rd race, the animals became less and less capable of living, let alone competing. Eventually they were ascended off the earth and the animal forms that we see around us became vehicles of the angels that accompany our kingdom. When we see these animals again on our next descent to a globe, we will have further angels to provide them with. Likewise, we shall be receiving angels from the girasas kingdom that will improve our environments causing a total planetary growth.

    This is a type of illusion which makes it appear that life has advanced beyond its current evolutionary stage. Animals would still be near their mid-points in change from animal to human as are we; as we are told this is the 4th round of 7. As we ascend, our earth will not be permanently inhabited by the girasas. Rather the girasas have gone beyond the need to exist through 7 rounds of 7 planets, descending and ascending for progress.

    When we reach the end of our journey, we too will be capable of living without the form life of a planet. That is not to say that we will not have bodies, but that our bodies will be grounded in some other sort of space. Talking with the girasas and investigating unknown realms is a major task ahead of us. We cannot help but be religious when we work with this kingdom. They improve us so vastly that we must strive to bring balance and acceptance of this distinguishing form of life so that we do not lose our humanity by their greater presence.
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