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    Emergence and Navigating...
    Develop a generative, emergent process to fill space (2D or 3D) using only black lines. Modify a known process or invent your own. Implement your...
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    Cause and Abstract Space
    Project: Emergence and Navigating Space
    Cause, Principle, and Unity - Gordon Terry

    This acrylic piece has an organic feel to it, where the main object has similar structures to that of an eye or an animal cell. But notice that this simple shape with its analog center represents the theme of oneness achieved through it's intricate parts.

    Here's Gordon's take on his work:
    "There's always a confusion implied between my materials and the way I manipulate them. The sterile, sleek, refined and clinical qualities of my cast, molded, and spilled acrylic polymers are filtered through the fluid, the organic, the chaotic, and the ornamental. Categorical shifts like these are very meaningful to me—much more so than the actual choice of physical material. I'm fascinated by the ways in which, for instance, my paintings can reference at once psychedelia, science fiction, modernism, the rococo, decadence, and hermetic texts—wholesome, natural beauty, and toxic, synthetic glamour." - Gordon Terry

    This abstract work can be thought of as the metaphysical representation of the Big Bang, with the structures stretching outwards, trying to fill the space around it. Unfortunately, after some research, I could not find out the name for this specific style, only that most authors call it "abstract". Here's another image of similar style:

    *Note: Authors could not be found for the last two images

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