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    Bot-Sex Is Already Outmoded.
    Several recent articles have touched on robot-human relationships and similar avenues of sexual exploration. There have also been suggested of near-future technological human-tweaking such as the implantation of multiple breasts (4-6 for example) or the grafting of a vagina in a newly-desiged rib cavity. This should, however, be derided as complete nonsense.

    With sexual development being what it currently is the surgical route is haplessly old-fashioned. Gibson's simstim prophecies in Neuromancer or even the antique visions of VR as portrayed in the Oprah Winfrey show back in the mid 1990s have not been developed for the mass market partly due to the overwhelming success of console gaming and graphical limitations that have seen ultra-realistic 3d moving artwork being consigned to the TV monitor. Yet as we bypass LCD and bitch over the half-life of Plasma screens the very real prospect of eye-glass encapsulated vision is no longer future-speak but underwhelmingly within our grasp. Sexual hallucination most likely through visual deception, sensory plug-ins, and drug facilitators should not be a far-off avenue of the techno-porn industry.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the next-gen of masturbation devices is the so-called "sex-doll". Increases in silicone technology (IE RealDoll and related creations) are being fitted with moving parts to simulate an idealised, sexualised "perfect" form.
    Robosexuals by Scott Webb, an article which deals with this topic, can be found here:
    But I would contend that orgasmatron technology is so likely to be outmoded even the android sex dolls of the 22nd century scoff. Why not leap through the physical route when visual+sensory methods are more compact and viable prospects than clunky eco-unfriendly "sex-robots" that still require muscular effort to intercourse with? The VR route is clearly more adaptable, portable, and dare-we-say enjoyable. Sex with a "doll" still relies on attraction to "typical" sapien characteristics and cannot be modified without drastic cosmetic reworking. That's why I believe in the importance of VR tech in the next-gen of sexual development.

    Yet it would be foolish to assume that sexuality is likely to remain a potent force in the upkeep of our species. Intellectual development, ego-tripping, and assorted proto-futurist outlets (ahem Space *Cough*Cough*llective) will no doubt aid the rise of an even more fragmented hu(wo)manity that thrives on self-preservation via extreme methods. The space-faring community will happily cling onto whatever remnant of terrian identity is left after the future wars/plagues/mass cullings and will not do it the old-fashioned way. Reproduction is the other frontier to be "tweaked".
    9 months of gestation is not a happy number for tomorrow's doomsday impatients. But that's for another post.

    Please add your comments/arguments.

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