Comment on The Natural World - The Man-made World

Orizyn Tue, Apr 1, 2008
".....all man-made environments cause some level of sensory deprivation."

I have tried to put this into words my self. Well done.
So, all this 'advancement' is, if fact, 'regression'. Can we go back to nature? Certainly. But it will not happen through our 'h-sapien' will. We are hooked. Gaia, if in fact she is real and I hope/believe she is, will see to it.
In an ideal world we might imagine a turn, an awakening, a mass deep felt realization that we are nature too. I even imagine we have the 'tools' to expand the use of our 20 bits and go home, even taking a few of our best toys with us. But alas, we must also access at least a small percentage of our heart which is not very popular in our times.
We can't expect to creat our own little 'fish bowl' and be happy in it but, oh, how we try.