Comment on The Natural World - The Man-made World

folkert Wed, Apr 2, 2008
Inspiring notions, thanks for the post. My take on some of your points: obviously life emerges only where the circumstances allow for it, and is sustained only when the circumstances continue to allow for it. (no rain, no moss) I think the same applies for h. sapiens' habitat — our particular type of life form exists for the precise reasons embedded in the environment and its conditions. While these conditions can be nudged here and there to a certain extent, there are very clear boundaries where it can and cannot go, in the same way that we cannot survive under water. What I'm trying to get at is that I'm suspecting that it might be a little presumptuous to assume that humans can create an entirely new and separate habitat and fully exist in it. I think that we are much more a symptom of our specific situation and set of particulars than we sometimes assume and that perhaps our imaginations cannot physically even stretch so far as to conceive of a realistically working situation that is so much different from the one that caused us to emerge. It would be like an apple on an apple tree considering the notion of "downloading itself into a gold ytterbium cube that it will super-cool and bury a thousand feet beneath Copernicus and there walk on the virtual beaches barefoot and alive"... In other words, I agree with you that it will take an entirely different approach, but that perhaps we are not part of the decision making process.