Comment on Stuck in the Neolithic

gamma Mon, Dec 15, 2008
I studied physics and I believe that the world is one. Even in Neolithic era people perceived the same laws of nature, which they interpreted differently.

Every individual grows through stages that are ranging from the fish stadium to the enlightened stadium.

Depending from the social circumstances, aspects of the neolithic are recreated in many corners of the globe. Suddenly I must confess I am referring to that other, confounding expressions of human life in distant areas of the world where lost tribes live, about which I can hardly clarify the emotions. In my shamefully vague memory of the human rights, science and United nations I trust that all humans rest on the same principles that penetrate from within and emerge through body, legends, cave walls, language or our forms of behavior.

All forms of life must be accepted. There is probably no severe need to become very educated. Therefore the question becomes, what trace pattern is it most compelling or interesting to KNOW?