Comment on Stuck in the Neolithic

gamma Fri, Jan 9, 2009
Happy new year.

I'm thinking now so firmly and confidently to produce really correct answer. I must think about what is important and lets see... I'm seriously in love with some model from Fashion TV. Completely connected to her (how do you say?) fragility and motion which is without flaw and no harm came to that youth of hers. Oh dear. Can you imagine big brown eyes opening slowly from wide to intellectually wide, attentive. Motion works really well for me and seriousness too.... a little bit like Rachel in Blade Runner kind of serious.

I find that perception swells body with substance that brings dark and light. It is a palm of hand pressed slowly and perfectly as to touch at the same time with the whole surface. Some people would say that effort and will are behind the language and then, language is before the self entity having experience.

However, correctly describing my perspective would be that things are already happening to me by themselves. Within the happening I object and stop - that is my effort of discipline. Within the event there is feedback echo. If I want to stop or be embarrassed by something is the excitement of situation.

Storyline is a road for activity of neurons that in my opinion, carries thoughts further away. Instead of running with that flow I find that the flow itself can influence a man instead of man being carried by a single wave. To perceive implies that there is a feedback loop - some knowledge of perception and displaying that content.

I can copy from many things I heard. Language is used for copying, adding new content and messaging. I heard a question: what is the rate of success of messages left from you to self? I understand as much that its variable is time. (Although I wonder what would be a spatially dependent self-message...) Without answer, content or storyline to this I may only hypothesize that it depends from interest in messages one might have and getting feedback.

Phew, I forgot to add my comment that it is probably agriculture as most important invention in history. It probably coincides with other events - settling, building...

Also I remembered something. Its a classical question in maths: would you say that algebra is invention or discovery? If it is discovery then it can be uncovered again in altered states of mind or in the future after history.

Another example is symbolic math. For us all math is symbolic and you didn't even know it was symbolic. In computer programs its a big difference to numerical methods. Anything can be calculated numerically. Sure, there are problems with repetitive tasks, giant simulations... Processing pure data is not so characteristic for normal people, maybe for savants. Normally there is pattern recognition among usual forms of intelligence. Symbolic math can find transformations between variables which can be graphed, evaluated and felt.