Comment on Stuck in the Neolithic

kurthlab Mon, Mar 1, 2010
On the concept of Good and Evil
Interesting thoughts "Hunter Gatherers" vs "Farmers". I do agree with the possibility of farming being the one of the major factors in the creation ideologies, and concepts such as good and evil, while "Hunter Gatherers" were more Darwinian in nature. The bible itself seems to show traces of ideas which are tied to farming one way or another. Sort of a farm driven type of mindset that validates its existence as well as perpetuates its own construct as a society (necessarily self-serving if you will).

On the concept of "Hunter Gatherers" vs "Farmers" and their time management
Jared Diamond proposes in his book "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies," that it was due to the fact that humans invented farming and the ability to produce more food than needed and be ability to store it, that that was the deciding factor in actually freeing up time in order for us to innovate, which in turn played a major role in our survival/evolution. And that the societies that did not adapt to farming and were busy hunting and gathering all the time and in turn did not have time to think and innovate and therefore perished.