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    Ruminations on a Job Well Done
    Project: The Voyager update project
    "Humanity is defined by it's interest in moving beyond itself by creating various extensions of the human body and mind. These are evolutionary modifications of the human form, and it's our interest in doing so that sets us apart from other members of the animal kingdom."

    regarding the class:
    The structure of the class was helpful. Beginning at Space Collective pissed me off at first; I thought our time would be spent developing cliche sci-fi projects. I had numerous frustrated conversations which began with "So what are you doing in that class?" to which I did not want to reply "Oh, you know, communicating with aliens." I was also frustrated with being thrust into yet another online community, posting things which I may or may not have been passionate about, and receiving little to no feedback from the community. It appears to me that we could have joined any online community, even set up a class blog, and gotten the same level of inattention and ineffective response without having to trample around an established online community. So Space Collective has a functional message-board system AND a cool, swirly processing piece at the beginning. I'm trying not to be sarcastic. At best, Space Collective gave us a place to post our ideas and got us acquainted with people who wouldn't disapprove of our ridiculous concepts. But in most cases, our posts were ignored, our topics went unaddressed (I should note that our proposals and questions did not go unaddressed in class, and that often what we presented to the class was a reiteration of what was posted to Space Collective.) and despite the fact that I'm here, posting again, the use of the Collective never became an integral or necessary part of the class. So once we moved away from the Collective and our goals for class were more accurately defined, I had no trouble dedicating time and attention to the class. It does bring up a question though; why start with Space Collective? Or, more accurately, why was Space Collective chosen as our meeting place and as a facilitator of our discussions?

    regarding the project
    humor = The rapid flux of our group; 3 members dropped, two joined; and the unlikely combination of minds we ended up working with. Calling ourselves "the space beavers." The impossibility of a rubber hat reading one's cognition. It is even funny how naturally and equally each group's project was encouraged. Usually DesMA classes do not encourage ridiculous concepts. We like the perfect blend of practicality and creativity, nothing implausible, so it's amusing to consider how seriously we addressed the ideas like free water for the whole globe and hats that reads minds. In hindsight, it's even funnier that we've never been encouraged to approach problems this way before.

    sarcasm = see above Space Collective rant.

    insight = The concepts we undertook during research and discussion were more insightful than our final brand pitch. Studying human cognition (especially the de Landa lecture and Gleb's speeches on phenomenal consciousness) showed how much could, theoretically, be done if we were able to understand our brains better. Likewise, the research I did on post-humanism and other culturally pertinent topics was exciting.

    sincerity = To me, The Human Suit has became a character. It really, sincerely wants to play with people. It really wants to go out, to speak to others, to try things, to establish common sentiment, and to learn. It facilitates a kind of communication that does not exist; one that could be useful, meaningful, independent of words and language. Although The Human Suit wasconceived to communicate with an alien, it has a more immediate function. Communicating with people who one considers alien is no less interesting orprovocative than communicating with aliens. Research and group work revealed that each of us feels (perceives ) differently than one another—our closest friends may be alien in this sense. We really can't know what they perceive. But The Human Suit allows us to do that.

    usefulness = Since we decided to associate with a game, it's clear how The Human Suit could be useful in the gaming industry. New forms of game play, new interface, new controls. Yet I was most fascinated with the idea of The Human Suit being used for psychology, therapy (psychological & physical), and criminal investigation. If a psychologist could perceive exactly what a paranoid schizophrenic perceives, diagnoses and treatment would be more efficient, timely, and effective. If a physician could see a visualization of pain receptors in a patient's brain (lets say the patient was an infant, spoke a different language, or was unconscious), the physician could accurately identify ailments. Hypochondriacs could receive psychological treatment instead of medication for false infirmities; amputees could be eased into the loss of a limb; parents of autistic children could peer into the minds of their sometimes distant children.
    There is also the sheer fun: imagine being able to share sensation/experience in the following situations:
    - a hug
    - the first date
    - while watching Top Chef / Paula Dean
    - at a concert
    - in traffic
    - in the dark
    - in an embarrassing situation
    - etc etc
    I would like to acknowledge that this is a blindly optimistic point of view.

    uselessness = The only way the Human Suit could be useless is if it were never put into production.

    whatever = Thank you all. Let's do it again sometime.

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    rene     Tue, Mar 25, 2008  Permanent link
    Point well taken. However, any class without a syllabus is bound to be confusing. The few times I was around I kind of liked the open-ended way in which the class was conducted, but from a strict of branding perspective it may have been a bit confusing. In the end I totally liked the outcome of the projects you guys came up with, and how in a strange and funny way it may have some actual bearing on the potential future of the Wii controller. If you ever land in a SpaceCollective class again we'll hopefully have sorted out some of the issues you have brought to our attention. Thanks, Rene