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    biocultural evolution
    Project: Branding the Species
    Biocultural evolution is a means of describing the influence of both biological makeup and cultural behaviors on human evolution.

    -human activities/technologies have created holes in the ozone layer
    -UV rays better able to penetrate through atmosphere
    -tanning is culturally desireable
    -skin cancer is occurring in higher frequencies

    -modern diet and utensils render wisdom teeth useless
    -more humans go through life without ever developing wisdom teeth
    -those who develop them must have them removed because their mouths are now too small

    -50 years ago, most females did not experience menopause
    -the human lifetime did not exceed the amount of time it would take to use all of a woman's eggs
    -menopause an expected part of a female's life cycle
    -lifetimes increase due to technology

    -corn syrup, transfat, white flour
    -encourages fat storage and insulin production leading to heart disease and diabetes
    -traits more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease are passed on
    -in some cases, newborns with type 1 diabetes


    -in hunting and gathering societies, breastfeeding may last anywhere from three to five years
    -in western civilizations it can last as little as a year or even just months
    -it is culturally undesirable to breastfeed for more than a year due to career and financial concerns
    -western women become able to breastfeed for only about a year, whereas females in other civilizations maintain their ability for a longer period

    -technology has promoted increasingly sedentary lifestyles
    -the body loses its capacity to burn calories and maintain healthy function
    -high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and other problems, are directly linked to modern diets and being sedentary

    -due to antibiotics and their overuse, bacterial diseases have encountered adaptations which render them immune to many of these antibiotics
    -the human race is now re-encountering these diseases once again and in greater frequency

    -average human lifetime is at an all time long due to technologies in medicine
    -medicine technologies can combat infectious disease, genetic defects, and the like, which might otherwise kill humans

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