Comment on Outliers & Complexity

chris arkenberg Thu, Mar 11, 2010
Thanks for your comments. To both I suggest that the tendency to simplify our expectations of systems behavior, while a deep part of the human operating system, has been a valuable mechanism. Like Descartes description of the Pineal Gland as the "reducing valve of the Soul" it's important for us humans to be able to filter out the maelstrom of data coming our way and focus on the stuff that's immediately important. Facing massively non-determinist systems such as global climate makes it difficult to act in any meaningful way, yet we get that it's not good to dump oil on our lawn or garden.

Having said all that, we're steadily evolving past the helpful reductionism to embrace complexity and living systems in order to better understand the workings of our world, so prone are we to being trundled about by their sudden turbulence.