Comment on On Human Networks & Living Biosystems

Hixgrid Mon, Mar 7, 2011
Great post, really!
I think we can enlarge our view of things by that and it is interesting to discuss it further.

What do you think about the following questions and statements?

Isn't it possible that the hierarchic technology is coding our DNA too? By epigenetics we know that our behavior is transformed into our DNA, and by psycho-neuro immunology we know that emotions and thoughts (we have when using technology like the internet or when spending money...) have impacts on our biochemistry.

Why is it not possible for humans to act like nature - as part of a self-organized system - because these principles are realized in nature but don't reflect our more power and control oriented behavior - e.g. to organize a transport system which is a mixture of individual and collective transport and so on (working-living-shopping or the economy)?