Comment on Ubicomp Getting Under Your Skin? So Are Hackers.

Wildcat Mon, Apr 16, 2012
Fascinating article Chris, thanks for posting this.
Few points and questions if you mind:

1. Halcyon nostalgia? When? Where? Wouldn’t you agree that despite all the dangers you are pointing at, all within the range of the plausible and the possible, we are still to a very large extent on a positive streak? That it is an uphill battle is no doubt quite the truism, that it may fall into the abyss of non-restraint is a no-brainer, given the nature of the human, and yet, we have somehow managed to avoid (until now that is) total collapse. In this sense I think the Halcyon days are ahead of us and not in our past. On the same token, our technoculture is truly in its embryonic stages, we MIGHT be totally subjectified and manipulated with deep implants, we MAY however be also the masters of our destiny, using these lethal toys for the enhancement of the magic that is life.

2. Your last paragraph mentions an interesting kind of twist on the subject of faith, isn’t that which you are pointing at a kind of panpsychism? Like you I do not self describe as a singularitarian (at least not in the hard sense of the term), however I do not exclude the realism of integrated minds extending their consciousness in a slow and partially, almost inebriated, manner into the universe of matter, which might account for a continuous singularity, extended across times and spaces, where these demons of AI (as you call them) are harnessed, slowly but surely.

3. I have faith yes, but of a different kind, I have faith that the full spectrum of consciousness in the universe is yet to be awakened, to a different kind of being to which presently we have only hints and possible clues, hence I’ll hold a moment before despair enters the equation.

4. Some of us allow for a certain kind or mild, if you prefer, form of oscillating futures that are not yet born and may be prone to suggestions of a more gentler nature, there is where I see our real task, to whisper sweet suggestions to these futures, enticing them to come forth. And be generous towards our kind, that gave them birth, but holds no attachments to their outcomes.