Comment on Ubicomp Getting Under Your Skin? So Are Hackers.

chris arkenberg Tue, Apr 17, 2012
1. I do take some poetic liberties as a writer. ;) Likewise, I write from a perspective, a mood, an intuition that is itself transient and a product of my moment. And I've been indulging the poetic more in my writing of late. Your mileage may vary. I am, at heart, an optimist with a bit of a dystopic streak tempered by pragmatism.

2. Agreed. I'm fascinated by the way that mind is working its way into machine, and what that may mean for our self conception. How will our gods behave as we drag them into virtuality, transhumanity, artificial intelligence? Regarding "demons of AI", again I take a certain poetic license to be evocative & provocative. But then, I also hold to that Discordian maxim that "convictions cause convicts".

3. I think you read too much despair into my words. My writing has always been about wordplay first & foremost, emotion second, intuition third, followed by fact/opinion/analysis. I do not suggest that all is despairing. Indeed, in this piece I've tried to pair my words here in symbolic paradox: "wicked gift", "cursed blessing". I do not really believe in binary propositions but, rather, enjoy the contradiction and deeper truth within paradox. But yes, I too indulge a bit of your faith in universal consciousness...

4. To me the future is a field of probability ever in flux but never of fixed outcome. It is something to be nudged & nourished, a cultivated network of signals unfolding across innumerable points "undergoing the formality of actually occurring", to crib from McKenna cribbing from Whitehead. All good futurism is an activist pursuit, IMHO. Indeed, we have an obligation to "whisper sweet suggestions", as you so eloquently put it, to encourage the unfolding to be one of beauty and love & light, if you will. I'm not so sure, however, about being unattached to their outcomes. If I must live within the results, then I will never truly be unattached, short of barricading myself inside a Zen monastery.