Comment on Ubicomp Getting Under Your Skin? So Are Hackers.

CoCreatr Tue, Jul 24, 2012
Yes, designs made by humans are fallible and given enough resources, everything can be hacked.

While I admire and accept the potential of technology to improve lives and profitability, while reducing environmental impacts, some of the gains I prefer to live without. Take the smart grid, for example. Promoted for years, largely a reality in Japan's industry, now offered as a necessary investment for household use to help stabilize the power grid while a growing proportion of decentralized and variable renewable energy supply threatens to destabilize the system.

Unintended (?) consequence of the current solutions foisted upon consumers: the current crop of smart meters share energy usage patterns with utilties. Being hackable, I see the risk for data leakage making criminal activity much easier if the uninvited underworld can trace our living patterns.

One of the early smart grid proponents, Ken Wacks, wrote in 2007:

Local intelligence obviates the need to gather such consumer data.

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