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    Multicellular Manifesto
    The history of multicellular organisms - we really are just a bunch of cells working together. Genes form the codes/laws/rules which one must abide by, or one will be considered a cancer. Symbiogenesis is the merging of two separate organisms to form a single new organism. Symbiogenesis, not just symbiosis will be necessary for the animals to reach the next level of evolution. We must form a superorganism to survive, but what form will this superorganism take?

    Evolution of Animals:
    Are animals living their lives in a suspended larvae or seed stage? Multicellular organisms evolved from the initial larvae forms of pre-anemones. Where anemones start life as a polyp and then settle down to one place, animals live their entire lives in this extended dispersal zone. The next step for humans may be to settle down and produce anew. Technology can be our next avenue of dispersion as we will primarily stay put, and live our lives through our technology. Science fiction stories tell of humans encased in eggs living just below the surface of the earth— all connected to one another with virtual reality. Will we eventually live our lives in this way?

    The Selfish Gene:
    Does the simple desire to exist fuel all evolution? Does the universe exist simply because it chose to? The selfish gene may answer these questions. Genes only exist in order to reproduce more of themselves. Their goal is existence and all life forms built upon genes carry with them this one single all encompassing desire. Genes are in fact so selfish (selfless) that they will regularly destroy themselves to ensure that copies will carry on.

    On Gaia theory:
    If all life forms on earth evolved from a single organism, then Gaia theory is correct by self-evidence alone. Gaia theory looks at the world not as a collection of different species, but as one single incredibly diversified life form, which has changed, merged, and grown over time. It is only a matter of time before this organism becomes self aware.

    On Individuality:
    I propose that individuality is an integral part of forming a higher collective intelligence. Members that make up the collective must remain individual. They must make their own decisions and take their own actions. In multicellular organisms more advanced organisms always have many more different types of cells than simple organisms. I propose that an ideal advanced life form will consist of many elements that are similar enough that they can work together effectively, but are as unique as possible in all other aspects. This massive spread in diversity amplifies the entire collective organism's intelligence and abilities exponentially for each organism added. Intelligence does not add linearly. With each new skill acquired by individual members the overall intelligence is increased by a factor larger than 1. These factors multiply exponentially over time and lead to rapid advancements. This can be seen in the evolution from single celled to multicellular organism. Even though the human body only consists of about 200 different types of cells, the overall complexity is astounding. The human body is much more complex as a whole than the 200 individual cells. Deindividualization can be seen as an obstacle in the inevitable evolution of life. Organisms evolved specifically to breed with mutations in order to evolve into more diverse life forms. Without this diversity evolution will not succeed.

    Evolution of God: The greatest science of them all, the key to all understanding. Everything has evolved. The universe evolved out of the big bang, or possibly the big bang was an integral part of the beginning of evolution. The universe then evolved into its current form, and then evolved life, now what will life evolve into? God. God is the final step in evolution when the universe has reached maximum connectivity.


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    Infinitas     Sat, Aug 15, 2009  Permanent link
    In regards to maximizing humanity's potential and achieving humanity's ultimate goal, I think that humans must act very closely together, such as a school of small fish, which stays packed together in order to fend off prey and survive. It's the individual that strays away that is eaten, while the group maximizes its potential. I like this fish analogy over other animal groups because I've always been amazed at how fish somehow act instantaneously together as a school... Perhaps we must learn to know each other just as well. I'd say that the Internet is doing quite a good job assisting, yet it seems that this goal is still a long ways off.