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    Communication is the key to human intelligence
    Modern Human beings are unquestionably more intelligent than animals, not that animals are not incredibly intelligent on their own, but humans have one key advantage over them: complex communication. Human beings invented language — the ability to communicate internal thought processes with others. This gives us the astounding ability to pass information from one generation to the next. It was only after human beings invented and began to use language that we truly stepped “out of the garden.” Language gave us the ability to communicate dualism, an idea that does not exist outside of the human mind. Animals do not abide by the rules of good and evil, they are simply instinctual. Humans on the other hand have almost given up our instincts entirely in favor of relying on information gained by others and passed on to us. When humans finally recognize the coalescence of humanity into a single functioning organism we will finally emerge from darkness.

    In order to achieve this future, we must have unbounded communication between all living beings. This will come in a form similar to telepathy between all humans and possibly even lesser creatures. In the same way that single celled organisms self organized into multicellular organisms, multicellular organisms themselves will self organize into a so called "superorganism" that will have emergent properties native to individual human beings. We can draw parallels with the emergence of higher intelligence in ant colonies. The ants themselves have very low intelligence; the queen is in fact the least intelligent member of the colony. Yet, a colony as a whole can remember events that have happened to it in the past, and can even use its "memory" to deal with future problems. Barriers to this coalescence can be seen as barriers in communication. These barriers consist of misinformation or false information being spread as true, misunderstandings due to the imperfect nature of language or interpersonal relationships, and communication bias. Barriers form from unwillingness to accept new information based entirely on the results of old information. Decisions must always be based on the most accurate information regardless of dogma, bias etc.

    Human language has progressed through several different stages of communication density. Originally humans communicated in the same ways as our ancestors, the apes. Apes communicate essentially the same as most other animals. They communicate through body language; this conclusion is the result of years of scientific research, and the training of apes to understand human sign language. Humans (as well as birds, dolphins, etc.) evolved with the ability to understand complex vocal communication. Thus language has emerged as a complex code used to understand vocal communication between humans. The next stage came with the invention of writing. Writing allowed us to not only communicate in the present, at a short distance (within range of hearing), but allowed communication across the entire earth and across time. Next came the printing press. This allowed information to be reproduced and disseminated to many more people than the few in possession of hand written texts. Next came the invention of the telegraph. The telegraph allowed communication to take place instantly over massive distances. The Internet represents the current change in human communication. By tying ones brain into the Internet we have access to all of the worlds information instantly. The next future level of integration comes with the direct communication between brains. Every single human could access the senses, thoughts, emotions, and memories of every other human instantly. We could also access the entire sum of all human knowledge instantaneously. This is the level at which we see true emergence of the next level of higher intelligence.

    But who will lead our collective soul to this next level? It seems an entity can only become sovereign when no individual parts have absolute control of the entity. It controls itself. Human beings do not have a "man in the head" controlling us. We control ourselves as an emergent property of our connectedness. Control must be manifested in a bottom up fashion, not top down. In this same way an emergent entity is, or will be in control of all humans and most likely all life, as we know. The biosphere itself will wake up and take its rightful place as the Supreme Being. We are the universe, or the collective consciousness, and we are God — only together we can achieve our true unbroken form.

    Inspired by many of the intelligent minds here at space collective, as well as some older posts from huge-entity:

    Thu, Sep 3, 2009  Permanent link

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    Ashalynd     Fri, Sep 4, 2009  Permanent link
    Thanks for the article!

    Some thoughts:

    No true communication is possible without sharing the context. Different context was a reason for many misunderstandings in human history. One of the great advantages we have now is that technology makes sharing of the context much easier and quicker than it was in previous ages.

    The translator and interpreters are the ones who are best aware of the problem, which can be formulated as: how to facilitate communication if the partners don't share the context? One approach is to try and "project" the foreign ideas into the other context somehow (which is almost always the work of art), another is to synchonize the context to some degree which makes the communication more or less possible (remember the footnotes in the translated novels, or the novels written long time ago?) The disadvantage of the second approach is that we can comprehend the foreign idea, but we can't feel it - as if we are touching the other world with the rubber gloves.

    I wonder if it would be possible, at some point in the future, to rapidly synchronize contexts - how to do it, by which means? Should we synchronize with a war victim by incorporating her memories into our brains? is such synchronization ever desirable? On the other hand, how can we understand somebody talking about cherries in blossom if we have never ever seen them blossoming, felt the fragrant spring air and the own heart beating quicker at the same time? Getting further (may be it's too far but still...) how can we understand another sentient being if it has no heart? How can we sympathize with an intellect too different from our own?..

    It is already demonstrated that the words and the concepts are not the same and they are represented in the brain differently. The words are just symbols for the concepts. I wish we could create a "conceptual map" for every language and see how much they overlap... might be very interesting research, but it could only be done if many people will be interested to do it and find it useful.
    collective matt     Fri, Sep 4, 2009  Permanent link
    Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated.

    Perhaps practical language is the ultimate barrier, and we should focus on communicating the direct experience. The ultimate form of "communication" would have no technical limitations. I like the term "synchronize" as contrasted against "uploading" or "sharing" memories. And in fact the context of the memory may indeed be more important than the actual "visualized" memory in itself. After synchronization it would be impossible to differentiate between what memories are mine, and what memories are of another. Yet the recollection of when and where this memory was created is preserved, thus preserving the original (and personal) context. It may even be necessary for one to possess the entire lifetime of memory from another before one can truly understand from their perspective. In this case who is to say you are not this other being entirely, if you possess every aspect of what once made them sentient?

    One can imagine two brains being connected together by a thin wire from one neuron to another. If one continuously kept addling more wires between the two, there comes a point when the two brains stop functioning as separate and can be considered a greater whole. Once one reaches this level of connectivity, concepts of “self", "personality" and even "soul" may be completely obsolete. One who has undergone loss of ego will understand this.

    If a leader truly understood, from direct experience how terrible war is, perhaps he would think twice before sending in more bombers. In this case even the most horrific memories of the war victim may hold great value to the collective consciousness. A complete experience is necessary to reach a complete understanding. In the end the universe may simply be attempting to experience itself through us.

    Also, see nookanyc’s post on universal communication:
    Ashalynd     Sat, Sep 5, 2009  Permanent link
    colective matt In the end the universe may simply be attempting to experience itself through us.

    Nice wording. The religous person might have said: the purpose of creation was for God to create the mirror to behold Herself. Alternative version: the Universe strives to become a single conscious entity... would it be possible and what could happen next, is too far to even think about it, but the idea looks exciting to me.