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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Recently, watching a few video's on Henry Harkram and Andrew Schwartz reminded me of this video that was broadcast on BBC a couple of years ago as part of the Horizon series.

    Though it doesn't necessarily go into great detail, it features an engaging narrative to introduce and connect various idea's about the singularity and human enhancement.
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    **I apologize for the audio quality as I captured it with my cell phone in the interest of time. Info below.**

    I am sure that we can all agree, there are some really great thought processes happening within Space Collective. Great minds are working together, traveling down paths of knowledge as one entity, working out the details of thought through the linear progression of time.

    The most common subjects of thought, through my findings, have been technology, enhancement, and singularity. For any of these thoughts or ideas to come to fruition, emergence is a necessity.

    The future that Space Collective forecasts is reliant on emergence. It will not be a future that is willed to happen, or intelligently designed. Our collective behavior, working toward our collective vision of the future, is not creating our future, but rather identifying what is actually emerging. That said, individuals can act as catalysts. We are in control of our time, and the more time that we put into this process of clearly identifying what is emerging, the easier it will be for Space Collective to communicate. The easier it is for Space Collective to communicate, the easier it will be for other people and collective minds to envision a similar future.

    The most influential emergent system on earth is our current economic system. There are few things on earth that it hasn't shaped, redefined, or taken control of. The mix of a profit based system with disregard for natural capital has proven to be extremely detrimental the natural environment and innovation. Both of these things are needed in order for the Space Collective's futuristic vision to exist.

    Why is there so little SC thought about this complex problem? A lot of the conversation seems to be under the assumption that this time the economic system won't win. That the emergence of the SC's future vision will be so strong that it will overcome the stronghold that the current system has.

    So, my question is, is there a consensus within Space Collective that painting a clear picture of the future will be enough to overcome this system?

    More (if interested):

    Are there conversations happening that are talking about the state of the internet?

    The existence of Space Collective is reliant on a heavy infrastructure that is controlled by the current economic system. How we can transcend that relationship to allow the Space Collective to be more robust?

    Are there any billionaire philanthropists in the Space Collective? :]


    The reason for the audio accompaniment is to try to make the conversation digestible in different media. Ex., If you don't have time to read because you have to look at (design, etc) other things, hopefully you can still take part in the conversation by listening to the post. I will use a better recording device for my next post.

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    From my observation, I have found that technology evolves much the same as nature evolves, through selection. Much like the selection of nature since the dawn of agriculture, this process is controlled by human intent. Whether the intent was devised or it was a lack there of, human's decisions of selection with nature have created a negative experience for the earth.

    If we wish to create a habitat for our minds we need to reduce the commute between the physical world and Polytopia. The aggregation of thought from our various backgrounds is currently filtered through numerous interfaces, making access to these thoughts less efficient for some than others.

    The path of information from the cloud travels through:
    1. The internet
    2. A Web browser
    3. An operating system and application support
    4. Computer Output
    5. Your sensory perception

    Despite our grandest intentions, this process needs to be optimized for this scenario in order for it to succeed.

    Please help contribute to the Polytopian intent by using this post to collect information on the framework that it will exist in. I have identified 5 filters that the information passes through. If you can think of more, please share. If you think that there shouldn't be this many, please share. And most importantly, if you have information that could help to lessen the impact of any one of these filters, please share.

    By collectively selecting and using the most efficient tools to interact with this information, we will be taking control of our intent and thus shaping our futures.
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    I am always thoroughly impressed with Mr. McDonough when I hear him speak. He his not only acting on his platform through the design that he does, but also always speaks in a very eloquent and articulate fashion, even when faced with an inappropriate interviewer.


    TED Talk - William McDonough: The wisdom of designing Cradle to Cradle

    There are many more instances of McDonough speaking throughout the internet, many have only slightly modified content from these. None the less, they are a good watch, and I would highly recommend searching them out.
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    I will use this space to give a brief description of where I am coming from.

    This is a post that I did on my other time capsule few days ago:

    It was probably two years ago that I stumbled across Folkert Gorter. I found him because I liked the work that he did, but I bookmarked his site for another reason. One of the sites in his body of work was named SpaceCollective. I clicked on the link and found a glowing orb with the words “Coming Soon”. When I provoked the orb with my mouse it subtly changed to reveal a log in form. I thought that this was quite peculiar.

    It is not that often that you find something on the internet that has been created (or partially created) by a very talented professional, with a very distinguishable, thought provoking name, and a log in form with no explanation. I even asked Google, but no help. There have been a few times in the past two years that I have re-visited the orb, checking to see if there was any progress. But all visit came up to be a disappointment. The SpaceCollective had disappointed me, that is, until today.

    Following a link from Smashing Magazine, I once again was acquainted with the SpaceCollective, only this time no to be disappointed:

    SpaceCollective. Where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction today.

    The collective is a network of thinkers collaborating on the future, gathering ideas and information of where we are, where we are going; who we are, and who we are becoming. I am obviously still very new to the site, but from what I have explored so far, this is a great use of the network society that we are experiencing. It is leveraging the power of the network to not only look forward at ideas for the future, but also at problems that we face today. Not to mention, its all wrapped up in a great user interface!

    Upon completing the post, I emailed one of the members of the collective and shared it:

    I just finished a blog post about the SpaceCollective and how I bumped into it. I was unknowingly waiting in anticipation for something to happen with the landing page that was presenting in your projects. Today was my first visit to the live (and public) SpaceCollective and I was very pleasantly surprised. I went from having no idea what it was about to feeling like it is the thing that has been missing.

    You (collectively) are leveraging the internet to do what it is supposed to do, and I feel like the direction that the collective is going is parallel to my own. Thus, I would like to know how to get an invite to join.

    The member graciously sent me an invite, and thus, here I am. So, thanks.

    Thu, Sep 11, 2008  Permanent link
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