Comment on [Polytopian] Ubiquitous Thinking

Wildcat Tue, Sep 30, 2008
"By collectively selecting and using the most efficient tools to interact with this information, we will be taking control of our intent and thus shaping our futures."

Brilliantly put, thank you for that statement, I think you managed to pinpoint here one of the most difficult aspects of truly creating a global community, a trasncultural reality such as the newly arising polytopia aims to become.
I refer specifically to your " Taking control of our intent" proposition. As I see it, we are at this point in time at a crucial intersection of tech/innovation and mind/worldview upgrade. There is no doubt that we have more tech than we have self knowledge of our intents, both as biopersons and as infopersons. It is my view that to become a polytopian a modern mind need take care of the particular direction (re: intent) that she aims at.

There are many directions in which our current tech may evolve, cutural clouds are the next hottest issue, but same cultural clouds are managed from different propositional perspectives, hence some may desire to use them for increasing/ maintaining the (value &importance of) status quo whilst others desire to revolutionize the very nature of said cultural clouds.

A polytopia need be both open ended and open sourced, for this to happen we need take care that our intent is indeed clear, see this : Cultural Clouds: A New Kind of Commons?