Comment on [Polytopian] Ubiquitous Thinking

connor Tue, Sep 30, 2008
Thanks Wildcat, and thanks for the link.

I also see this as one of the next logical steps towards solidifying this reality. In order for this to work, we need to interface with it in a way that works and [hopefully] is designed for us.

I guess I am suggesting that the only way to define our intent (well I shouldn't say 'only', but maybe one of the strongest ways), is by collectively controlling our actions. If we would like technology to work for us for this scenario, we need to select, use, and improve upon existing technology and leverage the numbers of this collective. In SC, not only can we leverage the numbers, we can also leverage the minds of the network, whereas large social networking sites have large numbers with diluted intelligence.

So maybe it should be a project in its own that is linked to Polytopia, but I think that we need to leverage this potential to allow it to effect the way that we interact with the world. More specifically, I would like to:

1. Identify tools that people currently use that help them feel closer to the cloud, or work very well for the things that we are doing here.

2. Identify technology that people expect could assist the way that they are interacting with the world (within the context of Polytopia) if modified or developed in some way. This should be presented with personal context so that it doesn't just become sharing links and youtube videos.

3. Identify past precedents that could be interpreted to provide value to current technologies.

Using the people in SC as a content filter, we could then make it easier for everyone to identify what will work for them to make their time interacting with Polytopia most efficient.

I personally think that the concerns about the decline in quality, have much to do with the efficiency to interact with all of this information. Rather than expressing frustration, I would prefer to leverage what exists to help make it better.

So, I suppose I am kind of proposing a project. Or at the least, I would like to know what people think about the idea. If it were a project, I think its name might be:

Ubiquitous Thinking: A Polytopian Toolset

Sorry for the long comment, I kind of just let my thoughts run away there for a bit...