Comment on [Polytopian] Ubiquitous Thinking

notthisbody Wed, Oct 1, 2008
Read both entry and comments with much interest. Over at (a few people from this site are over there as well) there's a method of organizing information about all the tools at our disposal that are being developed, software, hardware, experiments - people are posting what they find in ropes of interest, twined together. I don't think SpaceCollective is the place for that. It exists already. SC is our home base.

I believe what we need is a tool to link the two - Polytopia, and, as you put it conner, our Toolset.

When I first started writing posts on SpaceCollective, I repeated some things that people had already said, because I had not explored the Synapses deeply enough. What we have to do now is consolidate the information and map out all the facets of what Polytopia is based on all the contributor's posts, see where they coincide, where they differ, and what can be resolved. Lets break down and examine what Polytopia is now, after many have had their input.

This way of mapping also needs to be able to be added to and modified as new ideas on the Polytopia are posted here.

Okay, so here we are, we've broken down what Polytopia is to us, and started developing discourse on PolyEthics - and now what we can do is relate the tools that are being made to the different facets and modalities of Polytopia. (here's where Twine comes in). This will help us choose the best tools for our uses, and lead us to find holes in our tools that need to be filled. It will be an explorative process towards a better understanding of Polytopia.

I don't believe that we can do this on mindmeister yet - its too limited in form. I don't believe the internet is ready yet for this - though I haven't seen IMindi yet. My recommendation is Compendium (for those who don't know it, its a hypermedia concept-mapping tool) - which is able to be networked, supports chat, and supports multiple users adding and working at the same time. Its software, independant of the internet - but its a lot less limiting than the online ones. Also, these maps, once made, can be published and explored (but not added to) on the web in HTML, so people who are not experimental architects can see its progress.

I would really like to start mapping the Polytopia. I believe that its important to get a full picture of what we're developing here on SC. I would be willing to look into figuring out how to network on Compendium all the technical stuff, if anyone would be interested in joining me there (i hope i hope i hope), I'll write up a post on "Mapping Polytopia", and lay down a framework to get started.