Comment on [Polytopian] Ubiquitous Thinking

connor Wed, Oct 1, 2008
This is a really good point, notthisbody. Thanks, I am also on twine now thanks to Wildcat...

The map is an important ingredient.

I have been in the SC for just under a month now, and though I can try my best to understand what has been said and what hasn't, there is no clear path through the information. There was a really great video that is no longer on the internet of Bill Moggridge explaining what interaction design is. At one point he mentions that there are two ways to navigate, with paths and with maps.

Right now, the Space Collective interface affords exploring the information via paths. Often it is a scenario where you can navigate to your next source of information (synapses, favorites, comments), but you are very unsure of, and must trust where that is leading and that you are on the path that you would like to be on. In fact, the internet largely works this way. The reason, I think, is that maps as we know them don't evolve very well.

A few years ago I started thinking of a way to map ideas to assist the brain in creating synapses between different ideas. This concept was largely based on the input of ideas, and therefore experienced some obvious problems. The vision though, was spatially relating the ideas so that you could experience their relations in three dimensions. The three dimensional map would automatically adjust to new input and would intuitively show you the path that you wanted to be on.

I have since realized that I am not the only one that sees that as an efficient way to navigate through information as there are lots of companies doing something similar. For example, Aurora's history navigation is somewhat similar. In fact, twine's logo even represents the same idea.

So, I agree with you, notthisbody, that the SC should be mapped or at the least Polytopia should be mapped, but I am not completely sold on the tools that we have for it right now. I have not used Compendium, and I think that it looks really good. The problem that I am seeing is that if we commit to this project, the map will not evolve with the content or the idea, or I should say, the map will require human interaction to evolve with the content. Therefore as the community exponentially grows, whoever is creating a map of the information will also get an exponentially increased workload.

I by no means am meaning to be the devil's advocate, this is just the thought process that I had and a potential problem came out of it.