Comment on the ZENN car

Fri, Jan 11, 2008
Yeah, you're right, my comment was a little heavy-handed. I made a jackass of myself :)

Still, I think there needs to be more done than a flimsy e-petition.

Older people (Namely, most politicians) tend to not understand the internet, and they also tend to write off anything that doesn't fit in their tight bracket of reality/ideal of reality as dismissable.

It's easy enough to toss off written messages to government officials. I do it sometimes if I'm passionate enough about the issue. Postage is free within Canada to government (In the states too?) and it shows that you care enough about the issue to take the time to put pen to paper... A couple dozen honest, well-worded letters, I think, carry a hell of a lot more "You're losing votes there, corky" than online petitions from the interwebs no matter how many people back it. Considering that they also realize that someone who takes the time to write letters to them is probably one of the minority of the population who votes... It's all psychological. Learn the rules of their game and play with them as a challenger, or come off as a child who doesn't know the rules (Even if the rules are a little bit bullshit) and get taken advantage of. Until we all grow up and get enough people to create a new game to leave the rest of them stuck in curling, bridge, and lawn bowling clubs, though, things aren't going to fully change.