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    My Final Project
    Project: Branding the Species, The Total Library
    The following are thumbnail versions of my bound book since the full size would not fit and would take too long to load. I apologize in advance for my bad photography skills.

    If you would really like to see the full unbound version click here

    How does one brand the human species? What is unique about a human being that separates it from other living organisms? How might the human species be examined by another intelligent life form? All of these questions and more are the basis for my project, which is an attempt to brand the human species starting with a human I know best, myself. My project is, therefore, in theory my best effort to capture my life and humanity in some sort of tangible material. Like all humankind, it is not perfect, nor is it by any way complete, as all humankind is subject to change and growth. Yet, it is a reflection of myself at this moment, written in my own hand, using my own photographs and my own thoughts. It is, simply put, an archive of my life complete with photos and self annotations. I am myself, but I am by far not an expert on the entirety of my life. This is showcased in my clueless thoughts and opinions about the early years of my life. I have all these photographs, but even photographs do not bring to memory my past experiences. This too then is part of being human. We have a memory, but not all experiences are available to us. They are perhaps not within our explicit memory, but more or less ingrained as inherent mechanisms within us that may cause us to react differently to certain situations over others.
    I did not, however, come to this conclusion by merely sitting at my desk and thinking. The culmination of all these ideas were nurtured from one single idea, “social control.” After contemplating the open-ended question of branding the human species, I was given to thoughts of past lectures in various classes about social control and the aspect of propaganda in both the mass media and education. This fascinated me and I decided that I wanted to focus on this aspect of humanity. However, after weeks of focusing on the “Societies of Control” by Deleuze and other related topics by Foucault in The Birth of the Clinic I realized that I was only trying to visualize Deleuze’s thoughts and not coming up with my own views about humanity. I was pretty much stuck in a rut and holding on for dear life to Deleuze’s statement about how humans are no longer individuals, but have become “dividuals.” While in this rut, I tried to give myself avenues of expression by attempting to break down the concept of being an individual by attempting to map out various areas where I was more of an individual or less of an individual, but even this was by no means perfect. Yet, it was through this step that I happened to stumble upon my final idea.
    After deciding to map out areas of my life where I was more of an individual and less of an individual, I was pressed upon to find images of myself to tie all these areas together. It was after gathering these photographs of myself that I realized exactly how I could express my humanity best. My photographs had more power than some beautifully organized chart about myself by way that they displayed my humanity in the mundane activities of life. This is where my answer lay all along as a simple, but powerful idea that had been there under my nose. I felt stupid for taking so long to get to that point, but I was relieved that I finally knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to accomplish it. I then quickly changed my thinking and stopped bothering myself with the philosophical idea of whether or not I was an individual since it had been causing me to become too confused and lost.
    In conclusion, the following pages are thus a series of twenty-five photographs from various points in my life. I originally scanned in over eighty photos, but I narrowed them down to twenty-five by keeping at least one photograph from each photographed stage of my life and eliminating photographs that were too similar to the ones I had chosen to represent certain stages of my life. Over each photograph I overlaid a sheet of translucent paper where I made comments about the photograph, some are quite ridiculous, others are more emotional and tied to what I feel when I see that specific photograph. Yet, as I have
    previously stated, all these comments are by no means set in stone and I for one believe that if I were to take more time upon this project, perhaps more of what has been completed may be blacked out and rewritten.

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    redacted     Thu, Jun 12, 2008  Permanent link
    cute! I like the one with the Mexican folklore dresses
    shadylane     Sat, Sep 27, 2008  Permanent link
    Really neat idea!